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New website on adult coloring

Adult coloring is quickly becoming a hot trend.  Adults are picking up coloring books and no, not necessarily crayons (although some prefer them) but markers, gel pens and coloring pencils to take up a favorite pastime of childhood.

Adult coloring books are obviously more sophisticated than children’s coloring books, featuring shapes and patterns with many details to fill in with color.  The grown ups are finding this pastime to be a great way to relax and unwind after a stressful day.  That might explain its appeal.

We’ve created a new website, CurioZities Coloring, dedicated to adult (and to a lesser degree, children’s) coloring.  And we’ve published our first ever coloring book for adults, CurioZities’ Curious Book of Coloring for Adults: Mandalas Volume 1, with plans for more in the works.

Waking up

So here I am in 2015, with lots of irons in the fire, but in a good way.  After years of a lack of focus and vision, I think I’m on a good track now.

Lots of new things coming down the pipeline, lots of things happening.  Big things.  Looking forward to the rest of this year and what it brings and whatever the Lord’s plans are for me and my business!

World’s Most Boring Website release on PRWeb

The press release for the World’s Most Boring Website is now live on PRWeb. You can find it here.

They keep rotating the “pull quote” they use but here’s the one we last saw:

We wanted to do ‘boring’ right, so we put some time and effort into creating WorldsMostBoringWebsite.Com and we believe it’s worthy of the title ‘world’s most boring website.

"World’s Most Boring Website" Now Online!

WorldsMostBoringWebsite.Com takes “boring” to a new level.

Miami, Florida — November 5, 2007 — CurioZities, LLC announces the launch of the novelty website http://WorldsMostBoringWebsite.Com with the purpose of elevating “boring” to an art form, according to Manager Frank Calderon.

“There are plenty of boring websites on the World Wide Web; some are intentionally boring… but many are unintentionally boring,” Calderon explained. “We wanted to do ‘boring’ right, so we put some time and effort into creating WorldsMostBoringWebsite.Com and we believe it’s worthy of the title ‘world’s most boring website.'”

The satirical WorldsMostBoringWebsite.Com includes a virtual “reading room” of sleep-inducing reading materials, a gallery of photos (black and white, of course) of grass growing, links to other boring websites, a page left intentionally blank and more. Even the comedic site’s terms of service page is described as capable of putting “a 250-dollar-an-hour lawyer to sleep.” And WorldsMostBoringWebsite.Com was designed to bore: almost everything is in gray on a simple white background and most of the text is in a plain font.

WorldsMostBoringWebsite.Com is a spin-off of curioZities’ TheHumorlessTwit.Com website, which itself grew out of the humor column The Humorless Twit, which Calderon writes for Flamenco, the monthly newsletter of Miami Mensa.

“To paraphrase our boring vision and mission statements, we’re hoping WorldsMostBoringWebsite.Com will bore web surfers and cure insomnia, one visitor at a time!” Calderon added, laughing.

CurioZities, LLC is a Florida-based Internet advertising and publishing company.

Website to Offer Readers Tolstoy’s War and Peace in Installments


Online subscribers to receive one chapter of the Russian epic at a time via email or RSS feed, through SerialLit.Com

Miami, Florida — November 1, 2007 — CurioZities, LLC, announced today it will shortly begin offering readers a serialization of Leo Tolstoy’s famous classic, War and Peace, through its new website, SerialLit.Com. Visitors to SerialLit.Com will be able to click on a link to a blog set up specifically for this service (http://war-and-peace-by-author-leo-tolstoy.blogspot.com/). There, readers will be able to subscribe to receive chapters of War and Peace via email or an RSS reader, free of charge.

“We’re starting the serialization of War and Peace on Friday November 2, 2007, and will offer a new chapter in sequence each Friday after that,” said Frank Calderon, Manager of Curiozities, LLC. “We’re offering this service because we know what it’s like to have the desire to read classic literature, without having the spare time to enjoy it.”

Some readers can be intimidated by the number of pages in a novel like War and Peace, Calderon said. “If you’ve always wanted to read this masterpiece, this is your chance to do so for free, in installments you can read a few minutes a time.”

Calderon urged interested readers to subscribe right away so as not to miss the first installment. But he added that an interested reader can always go back to the War and Peace blog at http://war-and-peace-by-author-leo-tolstoy.blogspot.com/ and either read chapters he or she has missed there, or send missed chapters to his or her personal email address.

“If you’re interested, either visit SerialLit.Com and look for the link to our War and Peace blog, or go there direct–http://war-and-peace-by-author-leo-tolstoy.blogspot.com/,” Calderon added.

CurioZities, LLC is a Florida-based Internet advertising and publishing company.

Frank Calderon
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